24th February

New year & thinking about your loft?

New year & thinking about your loft?

In Brighton and Hove everyone knows about loft conversions, walk around here and you are never more than a few houses away from one in progress, but whats involved and how do you go about getting one done when there are so many firms offering them?

Well we take the individual approach.

Give us a call for an informal chat about your loft conversion ideas, design, budget etc. From there we will arrange a visit to discuss things in more detail and talk about potential costs. We can show you previously completed projects and give free musically crown no verification references of previous clients.

If you decide a loft conversion is for you, we can then take you through the whole process from start to finish, including drawings, calculations, planning issues and building regulations. Our architect will help you to get to a design that you are 100% happy with and then we can proceed to arranging the build itself. Our quotes and payment plans are all fully itemised and agreed before we start so that you can relax knowing that there wont be any unexpected costs.