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Unique Build has been crafting beautiful spaces across Brighton & Hove and the surrounding Sussex area for over 12 years.
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A team you can trust

We are a team of craftsmen, carpenters by trade, and specialists when it comes to lofts. Our mission is simple: to build the spaces that people dream of to an exceptional level of quality, but never compromising on providing a competitive price. Our Unique approach is the reason that 100% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family.

Meet the team

Our history

Unique Build has been operating for over a decade, and is run by people who’ve been in the building industry for several years beyond that, and in our time we’ve put together many, many Unique spaces around Brighton & Hove. We view every single job as a privilege, from the work we’ve done with some of Brighton’s biggest businesses and brand names, to the alterations we’ve performed on a first-time buyer’s brand new home.

In recent years, we’ve turned our attention to specialising in lofts. We love what we do, and we’re passionate about every build, every detail and every problem we solve. Each of our loft conversions is uniquely tailored to your lifestyle and to your taste. Every single job is as special to us as it is to you. With us you won’t have to settle for an ‘off the peg’ solution to anything. We know that, to you, your house is your home, and we treat the job as if it were our home too.

Our tireless attention to detail has earned us numerous high-level industry accreditations, including membership to the Federation of Master Builders.



As our name suggests, Unique Build does things in its own unique way. Aside from the premium quality lofts we create, what sets us apart from other building firms and loft conversion companies is that just as much attention goes into our services, processes, and hiring decisions as a company. We know the stereotypes of building companies, and we know that inviting one into your home can be a daunting experience. Ultimately, we want to be a business that you can trust and believe in. That’s why we have a number of core values that’ll never change.

Quick quotes and honest pricing

No waiting around, chasing your builder, and getting vague pricing or cost escalations halfway through a job. We’ll get a quote to you quickly, and it’ll cover everything, so you know exactly what needs to be paid and when.

Hiring the best

Our staff will be working in your home every day for several weeks. Whilst talent and expertise are a priority, we won’t hire someone if we think you’ll be anything other than pleased to see them on a daily basis.

Respecting your home

We know that your house isn’t just a house–it’s your home. We respect your living space in every way. From clearing up any mess, to ensuring you have privacy whilst we’re working. You’ll hardly know we’re there.

Never say no

A loft conversion will be one of the biggest investments you ever make in your home. That’s why we want to create the space that you want. Insofar as possible, we’ll work with you to build your perfect loft.

There for the aftercare

On the off-chance that something goes wrong, you’ll be covered. We have 10 year guarantees on all of the lofts that we create, so we’re there if you need it.

High quality parts

A loft is more than the sum of its parts, but it helps if those parts are of premium quality. We use top quality components throughout your build.

A seamless process

We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish. Our own dedicated online chat space will mean that our site manager can keep you updated as the work progresses, so you always know where things stand.

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