Whilst many people already know exactly how they’ll use the space in their new loft conversion, we’ve encountered just as many people (if not more) who know how they’ll use some of it but not all of it. Whether you’re still dreaming up your perfect loft, or maybe you’ve already had it built, here’s our guide on uses for a loft conversion.

The usual loft conversion suspects

These are priorities for most people when getting a loft conversion done. They’re always the things we recommend first and foremost, as they’re typically the most useful spaces for most families, and they also increase the value of the house the most.

A new bedroom

Usually a priority for most people getting a loft conversion. Adding a bedroom is the perfect way to accommodate a growing family (and give mum and dad a space to call their own). However, a side benefit of this is that it adds more value to your house than any other room. Turning a 2 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom house is a fantastic way to improve its overall worth, so when you come to sell in the future you’re looking at a significant increase in value.

new bedroom loft conversion
A new bedroom is one of our foremost suggestions for how to use your new loft conversion. It can add substantial value to your home, and is inevitably useful, particularly for growing families.

What’s more, a new bedroom can also be used as rental space in the future. Perhaps when the kids have left for university, you’ll want to think about turning a spare bedroom into rental income.

Add a bathroom

Another very popular way to use your new space is by adding another bathroom. Simply get the plumbing sorted and bish, bash, bosh – queues for the shower disappear and you have a little space where you can grab some solitude for an hour.

freestanding bath in loft conversion
A bathroom is another of our essentials for any loft. You can build your ideal luxury space, but there are plenty of practical benefits too. Anyone who’s ever had to wait in line for a shower will know the benefits of this.

We often find our loft conversion clients choose turn their loft bathroom into the ultimate luxury space. Whilst your traditional bathroom becomes a functional space where you just get yourself showered and move on, a loft bathroom becomes that perfect luxury experience. Light a few candles, grab some bath salts, relax and unwind. Bliss.

Add a toilet

You may not choose to add a full bathroom to your loft, but a toilet makes for a great functional addition to the space. Not only does it relieve pressure on the other toilet(s) in the house when everyone’s in a rush in the mornings and… well y’know… but it also pairs well with a new bedroom and prevents you having to run downstairs when you wake up needing a midnight wee.

Home office

Adding a home office is ideal for anyone who is self-employed and wants somewhere to work from on a daily basis. Even if you’re not self-employed but undertake projects outside of work, work remotely at times, or often find you’re taking work home with you, then adding an office space is a great place to get some peace and quiet whilst you crack on with things. It’s also another space that you can consider renting out in the future.

Luxury additions to your loft

Here’s where the fun begins. We’ve done the essential ways to use a loft conversion, but how about a little fun and luxury? Most of the projects we work on see some mixture of the above being built into the loft conversion, but if you have spare space then you can consider a few of the following. These are some of the more creative uses of a loft conversion.

Home gym

Now you’ve got no excuse to miss a workout! You can create a great exercise space with only a small amount of room by adding a few adjustable dumbbells, and a bit of cardio equipment like a spin bike. This doesn’t need to eat significantly into your new loft space, but can provide plenty of benefits, and you’ll be amazed at how much time you can save by just getting your workouts in at home.

Hobby room

A broad catch-all category of rooms dedicated to your hobby. Whether you’re an avid seamstress, a model railway fanatic, obsessed with Warhammer, enjoy gluing together aeroplanes, or want somewhere to paint then getting yourself a hobby room is ideal. You have a dedicated space for what you love doing, but also you can clear some space from the rest of your house and keep your potentially disgruntled spouse from grumbling about your ‘stuff’ everywhere.

Walk-in wardrobe

For the fashionistas among us, a walk-in wardrobe is a dream addition to your new loft conversion. We’ve built a number of these attached in an en suite fashion to a new bedroom. The space can be as kitted out as you like. Clothing rails, shoe racks, wall mirrors and more can be included. We highly recommend a Velux window in a walk-in wardrobe too – people can’t see in whilst you’re getting dressed, but they illuminate the space with gorgeous natural light.

walk in wardrobe in loft conversion
A walk-in wardrobe in your loft conversion adds plenty of space and storage for your clothes, and the ideal area in which to try on new outfits.

Music studio

We’ve worked with plenty of people who are hobbyist musicians, as well as a few professionals too. A music studio is a great place to practice and record music. It’s cheaper than ever to put together a room with full kit and plenty of soundproofing, meaning this has become a more and more affordable way to tame your inner rockstar.


Even in the age of digital media we find ourselves regularly putting together small libraries for people in their new lofts. These can be a great place to kick back and unwind for anyone who loves relaxing with a book. Keep your entire literary collection in one space, and you can prep it to be the perfect place to chill with a cuppa and a classic novel.


A very popular option for growing families, and families with a large number of kids. A dedicated playroom means the children always have somewhere to go and play (and it can evolve as they age). The huge benefit to this is that your living room is no longer scattered with toys all over the place. Any parent has had the bare-foot-meets-LEGO-brick experience, right? Well, suffer no more by keeping everything in one place.

Home cinema

The ultimate dream for any film buff. From the latest releases to true classics, you can enjoy them all from the comfort of your home with a home cinema set up. There’s a broad spectrum of ways to implement a home cinema. We’ve seen traditional setups that include a couple of rows of cinema-style chairs, through to simply adapting another room by adding a pull-down projector screen (which means you could even turn your new loft bedroom into a cinema experience). Video projection and good quality sound equipment have never been more affordable, and innovations like Netflix mean you don’t have to spend thousands on a worthy film collection.

Massage/therapy room

There may be no better way to fill your new space than with the perfect zone for relaxation. A therapy room can be a great place to set up a massage table, an aromatherapy area, and perhaps somewhere to practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Building the perfect space to get your zen on can be a perfect solution to keeping everything else in life in balance.

Rent space out

You can also rent some of your space out. Whether it’s another bedroom that you don’t need to use yourself, or perhaps some office space that you can offer to a small business, there are plenty of options for renting space out and making some income off of it.


Another option is of course plain old storage. Typically, people can struggle with losing storage space when they convert their dusty old attic into a wonderful new loft space. However, there are plenty of clever ways to use the nooks and crannies of your new space to ensure you actually lose out on very little storage. Using a small area effectively and efficiently can provide almost as much storage as an attic strewn with items. This is something we look at deeper in our article on maximising storage space within your loft.

How will you use your loft conversion?

There are plenty of things that you can do with your loft space. What’s worth bearing in mind is that some loft conversions provide more space than others. A simple Velux loft conversion may only add enough space for a single room, as it does not alter the shape or space that your current roof provides, and has important stipulations such as a staircase leading into the loft near the centre, which restricts flexibility of space. Meanwhile, a mansard loft conversion effectively adds an entire floor to your house, meaning you’ll likely have plenty more space to play with.

We can explore all of these options and give our insights on maximising the use of your new space in a free consultation. Book one with us via our contact page and we’ll come to visit your home at a time that suits you. We can run through any questions, queries, and ideas you have, and we’ll be able to get a quote to you within 7 days of visiting your home.