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VELUX installations by Unique Build

Whether you need rooflight windows for a converted loft, or are considering installing skylights into an outbuilding, your project is in safe hands with Unique Build. We are VELUX Certified Installers – the highest accreditation in VELUX related work. We’ve installed several hundred VELUX windows in the past decade. You’re putting your home in safe hands.

Why install VELUX

VELUX is a premium window brand, and is synonymous with quality. There are other rooflight products out there (FENSTRO, Roto, Keylite), but we choose to work with VELUX alone for a number of reasons:

  • VELUX windows are the best in quality by a long way.
  • VELUX have fantastic customisation options, allowing you to alter colours, sizes, finishes and more.
  • A well-installed VELUX will last for decades (and for your peace of mind we provide a 10 year guarantee on VELUX work).
  • VELUX are releasing a range of new technologies, such as high quality insulation materials and smart home technology.
  • The VELUX Certified Installers scheme ensures you get premium service from VELUX, end-to-end.

Trust Unique Build with your VELUX

So, that’s VELUX… but what about us? What makes Unique Build special? Here are just a few reasons why our customers would recommend us, and why we are trusted to install VELUX.

VELUX Certified Installer logo next to a window.

Accredited by VELUX

Simply put, there's no more valuable accreditations when it comes to VELUX installation than the seal of approval from VELUX themselves.
Two builders installing a VELUX Window

Highly experienced team

With a few hundred VELUX windows installed in the South East region, we've built up years of expertise.
velux installed from inside by three builders

Minimal disruption

We can complete most VELUX installations quickly and efficiently and without the use of scaffolding on your house.
velux directly over a bed with blue sky

Guaranteed for 10 years

We have faith in VELUX, and faith in our work. That's why we're happy to put a 10 year guarantee on any VELUX installations.
Two men replacing a VELUX window on a roof.

Fully insured

We have £5 million public liability insurance. Whilst we've never had to use it, it gives you peace of mind if anything ever goes wrong.

Get a VELUX consultation booked in

We can give estimates for some VELUX installations very quickly, but before giving a final quote we will always visit your home and also provide a consultation on the process. You're always clued in on the process and exactly how much it'll cost, with no hidden surprises.
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Your VELUX consultation

Our VELUX consultation process will help you get the most out of a new VELUX installation.

VELUX skylights can breathe new life into your home – particularly into under-appreciated spaces.

Each home is unique, which is why we look at every project individually. Our installation plan maximises loft and roof spaces that you already have, whether you have traditional sloped roofs or flat roofs (such as on a dormer). We can also assess your home and provide you an idea of placements for windows.

If applicable, we’ll advise you on which VELUX products and accessories we would suggest using. We’ll assess numerous factors in our consultation including…

  • Placement to maximise natural daylight – effective placement of VELUX windows can make a huge difference.
  • Classic, CABRIO balcony, or INTEGRA electronic – different VELUX products suit different needs.
  • Optimising fresh and natural air – placement can affect ventilation.
  • Accessible opening – where necessary, we can install remote operating functions.
  • Smart home technology – VELUX Active and NETATMO services optimise comfort within your home.
  • Top-hung and centre-pivot – different opening mechanisms suit different homes and placements.
  • Other solutions for natural light – we can add sun tunnels and other VELUX products to boost natural light.
  • Flat roof installations – we can also install VELUX windows onto flat and dormer roofs.

Additional VELUX features

During our assessment we will look at additional VELUX features to optimise your home’s aesthetic and comfort, including…

  • Flashings for your roof – these ensure VELUX is aesthetically seamless with your roof, regardless of whether it’s slate, tile, thatch, or other material.
  • Blinds for VELUX – ensuring you get the perfect amount of daylight, all day long.
  • Colour schemes – custom options and a range of design choices.
  • Shutters to prevent heat – VELUX shutters can installed to limit direct sunlight and heat.
  • Enhanced glazing – maximise noise reduction if needed.
  • Insect barriers – fresh air in every season, with no unwanted visitors.

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